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Why do I Need a Lawyer to Buy or Sell my Home?

Buying or selling a home can be daunting but a lawyer can certainly simplify the process and ease your mind.  Wherever you reside in Alberta, be it our local areas of Wetaskiwin, Ponoka, Rimbey, Camrose or others such as Edmonton or Calgary, Sirrs LLP can assist you with your real estate conveyance.

Keep reading to see how one of our friendly professionals can assist and learn what to do if you are unsure where to start.

1.  Don’t wait!
One of the biggest favours which you may do for yourself is calling a lawyer early in the process. It is very common that people will wait until the last second, right before they buy or sell their home, to contact a lawyer. Cut down on stress and potential delays which can come with a real estate transaction by touching base with us when you decide that you are buying or selling a home.

2.  A Lawyer Will Review the Contract
The “Offer to Purchase” is the crucial first step when it comes to a real estate transaction.

  • As a buyer – we will listen to your needs, provide our advice or also prepare this document for you;
  • As a seller – we will provide our professional service as we review the offer for you.

Either way, we are here to assist at any point in the process and advise as to any potential liabilities, rights and obligations. As with most areas in life, when it comes to buying or selling real estate, knowledge is power.

3.  A Lawyer Will Examine and Prepare Documents
As either a buyer or a seller, you need to make sure that title is transferred properly in order to ensure a smooth transaction with no surprises. Did you know you could be a victim of fraud? When you hire a lawyer, you are taking the necessary steps to avoid any surprises such as encumbrances which could be found on title.

4.  The Mortgage
Your home is most likely going to be the biggest purchase of your life. It is important that you understand the process and obligations which you are entering into with a lender.  Our team will provide with professional services for the necessary preparation and registration of the mortgage documents.  We will be sure to help you understand the terms of your mortgage before closing the deal.

At Sirrs LLP, we can advise as to what to expect and how you can move forward with the purchase or sale of your home with confidence.  Let’s start the process!

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